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Unimog Under Tray Plug Housing (008-545-3128)

Mercedes Unimog Under Tray Plug Housing (008-545-3128)

Mudstuck has a huge range of Unimog parts on offer direct from our manufacturer overseas. What ever part you need just leave a question and we will see what we can hunt down, providing a OEM part number will make our hunt quicker for you. This listed part is in stock and many more parts will be added to our offering soon.

* Application: Mercedes-Benz Unimog U1700L 4x4 ( For example EX New Zealand Army Trucks ) and most of these models 1300-1700-2150-1550-1450-1650-2400-1200
* Rear Under Tray Plug Housing Unit
* OEM Part number 008 545 3128

High quality part made in Europe.