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Uniden UH5045 Compact UHF CB Mobile Radio

Mudstuck‰Űˇ€Äč÷ has now teamed up with Uniden , bringing you quality radios for your next 4wd adventure!

Equipped with an array of features, the UH5045 is installed with 50 user programmable RX channels available for storing favourite listening frequencies (450 to 520 MHz in 12.5 kHz steps), a selection of 7 backlight colour options and 4 brightness levels adjusted according to your personal preference. The built-in AVS circuitry allows for an automatic volume stabiliser detecting narrowband and wideband transmission automatically adjusting incoming audio to comparable levels.

Key Features
- 80 Narrowband Channels*
- Compact Size with Short Chassis: Cabinet Size: 36mm (H) x 126.5mm (W) x 100.5mm (D)
- 5 Watt Transmission Power
- 50 User programmable RX channels
- 7 Colour LCD/Keypad Backlit Options and 4 brightness levels
- Built-In AVS Circuitry
- Signal Strength and RF Power (S/RF) Meter
- CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System) and DCS (Digital Coded Squelch) Codes
- Instant Channel Programming and Recall
- One Touch Instant Channel Recalling
- Open Scan
- Group Scan
- Dual Watch
- Range Extender (Duplex) Capabilities
- Busy Channel Lock-out Function
- Roger Beep Function On/Off
- Calling Tone Function
- Optional Remote Speaker Microphone (with built-in LCD)
- Selectable Analog Squelch or Auto Squelch (with optional Remote SPK/MIC)
- Volume Synchronise
- External Speaker and Rear MIC Jack
- Slide Mount (Quick Release) Bracket
- Designed and Engineered in Japan
- Built Rugged for Australian and New Zealand Conditions

Included in the box:
- 1 x UH5045 Radio
- 1 x Microphone
- 1 x Microphone Hanger
- 1 x Mounting Bracket
- 1 x DC Power Cord with Fuse
- 1 x Owner's Manual