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This is the most heavy duty and durable rope we have ever made. And we are calling it The Ultimate snatch rope.

Specifically built to have a huge stretch to get out of all those difficult situations at full speed without damaging your truck! Or you can use these for towing your vehicle anywhere. This robe has a 12 ton breaking strength, far beyond the failure capabilities of any 4x4ing done in NZ. This is the strongest of all conventional synthetic ropes. Will last you 20 years with good care.

*7 Meters
*12 TON breaking strength
*24mm thickness
*Massive stretch. Up to 46% stretch
*For heavy duty 4x4
*3 strand
*Abrasion resistant
*%100 Nylon
*Will last 20years +

NOTE: The black ends will slightly wear through when used but will not affect the products strength.