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Snorkel 4x4 Nissan Safari GQ 1988-1997

Nissan Safari 1988-1997 Mudstuck Snorkel

A snorkel from Mudstuck will ensure that clean, dry air is always reaching your engine by providing a watertight raised air intake system. Our snorkels come with a ram head type intake which effectively disperses rain and moisture from the drainage outlets at the base of the head before reaching your valuable engine. Simply a must have for any 4wd enthusiast.

* Fits Nissan Safari 1988-1997
* GQ
* TB45E 4.5Litre-I6 PETROL
RD28-TE 2.8Litre-I6 DIESEL
RB30 3.0Litre PETROL
TD42 4.2Litre-I6 DIESEL
* Quality Snorkel featuring UV 20 protection
* Snug fit & built to withstand
* Lifetime warranty

Included with Snorkel:
* Ram type intake head
* All mounting studs
* Nyloc vibration proof nuts
* All brackets & screws
* Fitting template
* Intake jointing pipe
* Stainless steel clamps