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Raw4x4 Toyota Hilux LN106 Nitro REAR OEM Replacement Shocks - Pair

Raw4x4 Toyota Hilux LN106 Nitro REAR OEM / Factory Replacement Shocks - Pair

New Zealand, with its stunning scenery and breathtaking trails, has some of the most diverse and demanding offroad terrain in the world.  Ensuring that your 4x4 is fitted with the best quality equipment to tackle any level of expedition is an essential part of building a reliable and safe 4x4.


Raw 4x4 Lift Kits and Suspension products are designed and developed in Australia and are sold worldwide.  With the Australian Outback at their doorstep what better test facility is there to put the Raw 4x4 products through their offroad paces.  When fitting aftermarket accessories, travelling prolonged periods on corrugated tracks or just wanting better handling performance from your 4WD, upgrading your trucks suspension setup is a fundamental first step.




The Raw 4x4 Nitro Shock has been designed and developed to perform in the most demanding conditions.  The shocks unique expanded body design allows for increased oil capacity making it more durable than similar shocks on the market.  The Nitro shock’s oil is combined with nitrogen gas which gives it superior cooling ability, while the large 35mm piston is designed with longevity in mind.  The combination of a multi-lip HNBR seal, high temp oil and low-pressure nitrogen dramatically reduces shock absorber fade. Ensuring your shocks have a secure connection to your vehicle while maintaining plenty of movement is crucial to your vehicle's performance, that’s why all Raw 4x4 Nitro Shocks are fitted with long-lasting polyurethane bushes.  The Nitro Shock is purpose-built to improve ride quality by reducing body roll and increasing stability giving you a smoother, safer ride.


Raw 4x4 Nitro Shocks are compatible with all Raw 4x4 Suspension Kit upgrades so you can customise your setup to suit your specific 4x4 needs.  We can provide you with a wide range of off-road shocks, coils or leaf springs (if required) and accessories. If we do not have your vehicle listed or you require different spring, shock options to what we have listed feel free to inquire as we stock a wide range of Raw products.




* Large 35mm bore size reducing internal operating pressure for a longer lasting shock

* All weather multi-lip seal & oil for consistent performance in all types of conditions

* Recoil cut off to avoid internal shock absorber damage at full articulation

* Hardened, polished chrome rod to improve longevity and seal wear

* Bonded rubber lower bushes for extra articulation & longevity

* Nitrogen gas to resist shock absorber fade

* Expanded body for extra capacity

* Large bore size




* Nitro models suited Standard Height vehicles

* Listing is for x2 Shocks for the Rear

* Part Number: G6012Y



Toyota Hilux LN105, LN106, RN105, RN106 1988-1997