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Oil Feed Turbo Flange

Turbo Flange Oil Feed

When you have a new turbo you will need to run oil lines into the turbo. A lot of aftermarket turbos have the need for a turbo feed flange and this is a universal flange and if this is the right bolt spacing for your turbo this is the flange for you.

• Measurements: Centre hole 11.10mm insider diameter / Centre to Centre bolt holes 38.55mm
• Fitment: T3 / T3 T4 / T3/T4 / T04E / T04B / T4 / Garret and other turbos also!
• High-temperature Resistance - will not distort
• Made from full aluminium

• x1 feed flange

We have your full turbo accessories available. From feed gaskets, oil drain flanges, oil drain gaskets, feed lines and oil drain pipes.