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Mudstuck Winch 24V 12000lbs

Mudstuck are proud to finally have our latest winches freshly arrived. After 2 years of development and 12 months of testing and abuse by Green Motorsports to make sure the build and quality would stand up to the most rugged conditions. Winches have a wide variety of uses ranging from using on the front of your 4x4 vehicle to get yourself out when your vehicle gets stuck, or to tow your mate out of anything. Could also be used on the back of car trailers to lift your vehicle onto it etc. The possibilities are endless with Mudstuck winches, dont settle for anything less and look out for the Green.

* Used on 4x4 / 4wd vehicles / utes / trucks
* Turn Clutch
* Tried and Tested right here in New Zealand
* IP67 Rating against dust and liquids - information about IP listed here - http://www.dsmt.com/resources/ip-rating-chart/

* Comes with Dyneema Rope
* Single line rated pull at 12000lbs (5443kgs)
* Motor: Permanent magnet DC 24V motor with 5.2hp output
* Gear train - NGWN type planetary gear transmission
* Gear reduction ratio - 216:1
* Drum size - 64mm x 224mm
* Battery Leads - 1.83m long
* Amp output under load: 360A
* Winch Weight 28kg
* Overall Measurements - 535mm x 162mm x 170mm
* Rope strength: Max 7647g
* Line Pulling Speed: 10.8 Meters per Minute

Comes with:
- Winch
- Fairlead
- Wired Remote
- Wireless Remote
- Rope length 27m of 9.5mm