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Mudstuck Snatch Strap 9m 22% Stretch

Mudstuck‰Űˇ€Äč÷ Snatch Strap 9 Metre

The Mudstuck 9 metre strap is designed to be a heavy duty snatch strap which doubles as a tow rope. Featuring reinforced loop ends and abrasion padding to withstand any kind of damage. Each rope comes with a rated tag to insure you get the complete 8ton experience. Made flat with 100% nylon to make storage a breeze & stretch with ease.

*Snatch Strop 9metre 75mm
*Breaking capacity 8000kg (18,000 lbs)
*Thermo fixed & treated for extra long wearing
*Reinforced stitching with Protected Eyes
*22% stretching elongation
*All nylon stretch webbing
*100% Nylon
*SGS Certified

3 Year warranty