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Mudstuck Roof Top Tent Mattress Cover only - Explorer and Comfort Fitment

Mudstuck Roof Tent Mattress Cover only - Explorer & Comfort Fitment

The Mudstuck roof top Mattress w/ cover is a great upgrade from your current worn out mattress where the comfort has left it or worn out. This is a great package as it comes with the replacement mattress which is thicker than the standard ones on the market and also comes with a replacement cover.


* Will fit Mudstuck Explorer Tents, Comfort tents and 99% of other roof top tents in the market
* Suits tents when opened up - measurements: 1.4m x 3.1m x 1.3m
* 24 Month Manufacturers Warranty

* Roof top tent cover for the mattress

Learn more about our rooftop tents here: https://www.mudstuck.co.nz/blogs/journal/mudstuck-roof-tent-shelters