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Mudstuck Roof Top Tent Canvas Cover - Family Fitment

Mudstuck Canvas Roof Top Tent Cover - Heavy Duty and extremely durable.

The Mudstuck roof top tent cover is a great upgrade from your current worn out roof top tent cover where the PVC has worn through. Being canvas it is extremely durable and wont rip on the corners of your tent or by the ladder rubbing in the inside and causing those annoy tears and holes.


* Will fit Mudstuck Family tents and 99% of other LARGE roof top tents in the market
* Unique Super Velcro fitment system, no more breaking zips when zipping the cover down. 
* Colors: Grey cover with Mudstuck logos
* Will suit ladder being installed on top of the tent when folded up
* Suits tents when folded down - measurements: 1.95m X 1.25m X 0.28m 
* 24 Month Manufacturers Warranty

* Roof top tent cover
* Velcro fitting strip to suit the tent

Learn more about our rooftop tents here: https://www.mudstuck.co.nz/blogs/journal/mudstuck-roof-tent-shelters