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Fender Flares 4x4 Jeep Cherokee XJ

Jeep Cherokee XJ Mudstuck Fender Flares

When you end up going for larger/wider wheels you need wider guards so the vehicle can still be used legally on the road, instead of rolling your guards or getting cheap fibreglass alternatives that can easily crack and brake, go for these extreme fender flares that will look great on the truck and serve the purpose they are intended for. Even if you are not running wider wheels these still turn the every day 4x4 looking truck into something read to hit the sand or mud.

* Fits Jeep Cherokee XJ 1984 - 2001 ( Will fit all 4 Door Models, For the 2 Door models on the fronts there will be a gap of around 15-20cm to suit aftermarket bumps, and in the rears between the two pieces of the fenders there will be a gap ) - Slight differences with fitting between two and four door Cherokee's
* Made with quality in mind, snug fit & built to withstand 4wd conditions
* Guards are finished in Plain Black
* Depth of Guards = 10-11cm
* Lifetime warranty

Included with this fender kit is the following:
* Fenders to suit the vehicle
* Bolts and washers