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EGR Blanking Block Plate Ford Ranger PJ & PK 3.2L

EGR (EXHAUST GAS RECIRCULATION SYSTEM) Blanking Block Plate Ford Ranger PJ & PK 3.2L

Many vehicles have a exhaust gas recirculation system in the engines, basically what this does is recirculate some of the exhaust gases back into the intake manifold and the purpose of this is to reduce NOx emissions which for the environment is a good thing, however this has a negative effect on the performance of your turbo Nissan Patrol. The benefit of the blanking plate will mean it will reduce carbon particles from clogging up your inlet manifold, it will redirect 100% of exhaust gases back through your turbo which means your turbo will spool quicker.

* Benefits: less carbon build up in intake manifold
* Less carbon build up in the vacuum lines
* Less oil contamination in the oil galleries
* Your turbo will spool up quicker

This may bring up a fault code on your dash when installed because of the change of the emissions control to your vehicle. Which means it may show up the engine check light, if this happens the centre just needs to a 10mm hole drilled and this should fix the light however in both cases it is possible the issue may not occur.